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Avant-Garde specializes in the meticulous design and engineering of boilers with capacities reaching up to 200 TPH, boasting steam parameters of 140 bar(a) and 545°C. Our expertise extends across diverse boiler designs, including Stoker and AFBC configurations, tailored to fire an array of fuels, from Coal and Biomass to Bagasse, Vinasse/SLOP, and Municipal Solid Waste. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge Waste Heat Recovery Boilers for a multitude of applications.

Design Versatility: Crafting Tailored Boiler Solutions

  • Customizing boiler designs to meet specific project requirements.
  • Optimizing performance and efficiency for varied applications.

Fuel Flexibility: Firing Innovation, Not Just Fuels

  • Unlocking the power of diverse fuel sources.
  • Efficient combustion for Coal, Biomass, Bagasse, Vinasse/SLOP, and Municipal Solid Waste.

Steam Pioneering: Raising the Bar in Steam Parameters

  • Pushing the envelope with steam parameters of 140 bar(a) and 545°C.
  • Ensuring reliability and sustainability in steam generation.

Waste Heat Recovery: Harnessing Excess Energy

  • Transforming waste heat into valuable energy.
  • Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Boiler Design Mastery

Where Innovation Meets Steam Power

At Avant-Garde, we don’t just design boilers; we engineer innovation. With a commitment to precision, sustainability, and quality, our boiler designs redefine industry standards, driving progress and prosperity for projects across the spectrum. Explore limitless possibilities in steam power with our boiler design expertise.

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