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Avant-Garde’s Engineering & Supply division is your source for cutting-edge industrial components. We provide a range of essential equipment including Rack & Pinion gates, Pneumatic Distributors, Bagasse Drum Extractors, Steam Drier Boxes, Rotary Airlock Ash Discharge Valves, Three Drum Bagasse Feeders, Screw Feeders, Rotary Air Dampers, and Expansion Bellows, all designed to elevate your industrial processes to new heights.

Rack & Pinion Gates

Seamless Flow Control

  • Precision-engineered gates for efficient material handling.
  • Ensuring smooth flow control in industrial processes.
  • Enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.

Pneumatic Distributors

Controlled Material Flow

  • Advanced pneumatic systems for precise material distribution.
  • Reducing downtime and optimizing material handling.
  • Enhancing process efficiency and product quality.

Bagasse Drum Extractor

Efficient Fuel Handling

  • High-performance equipment for bagasse extraction.
  • Ensuring reliable fuel supply for power generation.
  • Enhancing sustainability in energy production.

Steam Drier Box

Optimal Moisture Control

  • Innovative steam drier boxes for moisture management.
  • Improving product quality and process efficiency.
  • Enabling precise control of critical parameters.

Rotary Airlock Ash Discharge Valve

Reliable Ash Handling

  • Essential components for ash handling systems.
  • Preventing ash buildup and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Enhancing the reliability of power and co-generation plants.

Three Drum Bagasse Feeder

Consistent Fuel Delivery

  • Robust feeders designed for uniform bagasse supply.
  • Maintaining stable combustion in power plants.
  • Improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Screw Feeder

Controlled Material Transport

  • Precision screw feeders for accurate material conveyance.
  • Reducing material wastage and optimizing processes.
  • Enhancing efficiency in various industrial applications.

Rotary Air Damper

Flow Control Expertise

  • Specialized dampers for airflow control.
  • Enabling precise regulation of process parameters.
  • Enhancing efficiency and safety in industrial systems.

Expansion Bellows

Flexibility in Design

  • Customized expansion bellows for industrial piping.
  • Absorbing thermal expansion and vibrations.
  • Ensuring longevity and integrity of piping systems.

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With Avant-Garde’s Engineering & Supply division, you gain access to cutting-edge components that are the foundation of industrial excellence. Our equipment is designed to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across various industrial sectors. Trust us for precision engineering and supply solutions that elevate your operations.

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