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Avant-Garde takes a leading role in the assessment and implementation of Renewable Energy (RE) projects designed for energy cost optimization. With a keen focus on Independent Solar Transmission System (ISTS) and Group Captive solutions for Real-Time Consumers (RTC), we deliver comprehensive RE energy solutions that drive sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Optimizing Your Energy Mix

The energy landscape is evolving, and so are the solutions for cost-effective and sustainable energy sources. Avant-Garde specializes in crafting RE energy mixes that leverage the power of solar, wind, and other renewable resources to drive down energy costs while reducing carbon footprints.

Independent Solar Transmission System (ISTS)

Our expertise in ISTS projects ensures that industries and organizations can access clean energy from remote solar farms efficiently. We provide end-to-end solutions, from feasibility assessments to grid integration, enabling a seamless transition to renewable energy sources.

Group Captive for Real-Time Consumers (RTC)

Avant-Garde’s Group Captive solutions bring together multiple consumers to jointly invest in renewable energy projects. This approach allows real-time consumers to benefit from cost-effective and reliable green energy while maintaining grid stability.

Choose Avant-Garde as your partner in assessing and implementing Renewable Energy projects to optimize energy costs. Contact us today to explore how our tailored RE energy solutions can help your organization achieve sustainability goals while reducing energy expenditures.

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