Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) for a Captive Coal Energy Plant

The Client

The client is a Large Captive Coal Energy Plant in Northern India. Avant-Garde helped the client capture and transform waste heat into energy production thereby saving significant fuel and energy costs.


  • Identifying Suitable Technologies: Avant-Garde faced the initial challenge of selecting appropriate waste heat recovery technologies that could seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure and optimize energy production.

  • System Integration: Integrating the WHR system without disrupting the ongoing operations of the coal energy plant was another critical challenge. Minimizing downtime and potential revenue loss were top priorities.

  • Cost-Effective Implementation: The client sought a cost-effective WHR solution that would offer a quick return on investment (ROI) and reduce long-term operational expenses.

Our Solution

  • Technology Selection: Avant-Garde recommended a combination of heat exchangers, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, and absorption chillers to capture and convert waste heat efficiently.

  • Seamless System Integration : Avant-Garde carefully scheduled downtime, conducted rigorous testing, and seamlessly integrated the WHR system into the existing infrastructure.

  • Cost-Effective Implementation: Avant-Garde ensured a cost-effective solution by selecting technologies with quick ROI potential.

  • Energy Savings: The WHR system significantly reduced the need for additional fuel and external energy procurement, leading to substantial energy cost savings.

  • Cost Reduction: Operational costs were notably reduced, resulting in improved profitability for the client.

  • Environmental Benefits: The plant’s reduced carbon footprint contributed to environmental sustainability.

  • Enhanced Competitiveness: Improved energy efficiency and cost savings positioned the plant as a more competitive player in the energy market.

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